About Us

The Association of Fruit Producers «Dnestrovsky Fruit» was registered in 2015. «Dnestrovsky Fruit» is a non-profit organization created by association of commercial organizations in order to coordinate their entrepreneurial activities, ensure the protection of their rights, represent interests of the Association in diverse institutions including state and non-state organizations, international institutions, public authorities, local government, judicial instances. Besides advocacy the focus of association is to improve the efficiency of the fruit-producing enterprises of the Dniester region. 

The members of the association are fruit producers located in Transnistria. Members` goal is to develop a joint program to optimize the export of agricultural products. Among the main activities of the association are:

  • Joint training and involvement of international consultants to improve:
    • growing technologies for high-quality fruits production
    • high-quality automated sorting of fruits
    • packaging and storage of fruits in correspondence with international standards and requirements
  • Joint sales of products on the domestic and foreign markets.
  • Participation in international and local sectorial events and exhibitions.


Our projects:

Members of the Dniester Fruit Association took part in the training program of the Agricultural Competitiveness and Enterprise Development ((ACED) project, funded by the US Agency for International Development), that included study tours to Italy, Spain, Serbia and Poland and participation in international exhibitions «Fruit Logistica» (Germany), «Gulfood» (UAE), «World Food Moscow» (Russia). As a part of the programm association also organizes a series of trainings and seminars. On the basis of 6 member companies of the association were created demonstration plots for modern technologies of fruit production.

October 22, 2015, a cooperation agreement was signed between the fruit producers’ associations «Dnestrovsky fruit» and «Moldova Fruit». Associations developed a joint action plan for 2016.

In March 2016. Dniestrovsky Fruct Association among 10 business associations from two banks of the Dniester river had won participation in the project «Cooperation and organizational support for development for Business Associations on both banks of the Dniester» (funded by the EU and UNDP and implemented by «AID» (AID).

In June 2016 in partnership with the Moldova Fruit Association, Dnestrovsky Fruct won a grant for the implementation of the project “Platform for Cooperation of Fruit Producers from Both Banks of the Dniester to Increase the Competitiveness of Fruit in Traditional and Alternative Markets” (funded by the EU and UNDP).

Among the main tasks of the association, a special place is occupied by activities aimed to:

  • prevent the negative impact on the environment (environmental protection measures, educational environmental events, measures to improve the state of the environment, etc.);
  • increase gender equality
  • support and protect human rights.


Dnestrovsky Fruit Association promotes the implementation of best agricultural practices and the prevention of negative environmental impacts. In this context, associations “Dniester Fruit” and “Moldova Fruit” plan to conduct a study visit to the Bolzano region (Italy) in order to study the practical implementation of GLOBALG.AP standards, as well as the work of associations that unite producers who have implemented GLOBALG.A. P. These international standards focus on food safety norms and on reduction of negative impact on the environment and the preservation of natural ecosystems.

One of the activities of the association is the promotion of women leaders employed in agriculture, as well as those involved in the supply of goods for agriculture and processing of agricultural products in order to obtain business education, increase efficiency in business, the wide involvement of women in the management of society, the implementation of new production technologies. The Association is a platform for finding optimal ways to develop agro-industrial business, where women business leaders have the opportunity to receive the most up-to-date information on the development of companies and enterprises, which in turn contributes to the creation of new jobs, improving the well-being and quality of life of the population. When selecting participants for various events held within the association, a gender perspective is always taken into account.

One of the main goals of the association is to represent the interests of fruit producers and to lobby their interests in a consolidated and transparent manner. All members of the association have the right to represent their point of view on any issue discussed in the association. The supreme governing body of the association is the General Meeting of Members. At the General Meeting, all controversial issues are resolved by voting, using exclusively democratic methods. Thus, the rights of members to equal participation, freedom of opinion and expression, and effective governance are ensured, regardless of race, gender, language or religion. The Association is guided in its activities by the principles of Good Agricultural Practices, including:

  • transparency;
  • responsibility;
  • mandatory compliance with the rules;
  • participation and involvement;
  • consideration of the needs of all interested parties.


Our goal

We will leverage our value to fruit growers through our association, targeted partnerships and collaborations with key players and international organizations.

Our goal is to improve the professional level of fruit producers in Transnistria, to promote the interests of agricultural producers that contribute to economic and social growth. By investing our experience and resources, we improve access to information about modern technologies, equipment suppliers and sales markets.